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Browser Get Hijacked By Booksearch2Go Ads

Booksearch2Go AdsRecently, I bought a new computer. It works normally, but as time passes on, it suddenly started crashing due to Booksearch2Go Ads. This piece of nasty software appears all of sudden on my system, and creates disturbance. I have encountered this problem when it tried to visit some other web pages.  As I visited its harmful pages,  I was getting redirected to dubious site that contains harmful links and threats. I was really getting frustrated. It entered very silently and cause my browser to show unwanted ads and pop-ups. These ads keep displaying until you make click on it. As you make click, you will immediately get redirected to unsafe domain. Hence, I was helpless, and just want to eliminate this infection completely from my system. So, let me know if anybody knows the solution.

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Microsoft Found New Vulnerability As MS15-093 In Internet Explorer


Recently, Microsoft addressed a new 0-day vulnerability In Internet Explorer that is known as MS15-093 in his out of band patch. Its widely anticipated out of band patch that had been used for Internet Explorer. It basically covers all supported versions as (Internet Explorer 7, 8, 10 or 11) and on every supported platforms. This vulnerability would allow an attacker to run arbitrary code on user’s system if the user had visited any malicious web site. A list of unwanted site may be compromised site, spear phishing website, or any other dubious site ads can be used to deliver exploits that is used for delivering exploits that were used for targeting this vulnerability to the innocent user. This harmful threat had been already used for targeting hole attacks on user PC.

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Outlook PST File Get Corrupted Due to Harmful Browser Infections

Recently, my Outlook PST file get corrupted due to harmful browser infections while surfing on web. My PST file immediately get damaged and I have left with no solution to get recovery of these PST Files. Hence, could anybody help me in recovering these issues, so that I could get my PST files back.


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Basically, an Outlook application allow it user to maintain and manage your features with other features like journals, appointments, schedulers and much more. Hence, all these data items have separate directory that is known as Personal Storage file, commonly known as PST file. These files are basically used to store large information by users of small organizations. Sometimes these files get corrupted due to various situations such as :-

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