Can’t Access my Browser Due to Your Computer Needs to Be Cleaned Pop-up? – How To Fix it?


A fake notification by Your Computer Needs to Be Cleaned Pop-up randomly appears on my browser screen and doesn’t allow me to visit safe pages. As it penetrate silently and invite more suspicious threats onto my system. My scanner always show as Malware Checkpoint feature that frequently reminds me about system scanning. Hence, I run full scanning of my system. But unfortunately, it doesn’t get detected into my system. How could I uninstall Your Computer Needs to Be Cleaned Pop-up completely from my system?

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Overview Of Your Computer Needs to Be Cleaned Pop-up


Your Computer Needs to Be Cleaned Pop-up is deemed as nasty adware infection that become a big problem to lots of user. It is designed by cyber criminals in order to collect user confidential information secretly. Hence, lots of user encounter more trouble after it get installed into their PC. Once installed into your system, your all browser would get hijacked immediately as well as you have different browser settings. It would also redirect you to other unfamiliar website that contains suspicious elements. These suspicious elements would sit for long time into your browser and provide unwanted ads and pop-ups on your system, through which its developer get benefited by creating revenue from unknown third-party.

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Dangerous Effects Of Your Computer Needs to Be Cleaned Pop-up are as follows:-


  • It would take advantage of your browser and show annoying alerts.
  • It would drop malicious files that contains contaminated viruses.
  • It would install more malware into your system.
  • It would open several backdoor for its hackers.
  • Your privacy would get violated if you have this infection onto your system.
  • It would mess up your browser settings as well as system settings.
    It would allow more extensions and add-on programs into your browser.
  • Consequently, your browser and system performance get declined.


As Your Computer Needs to Be Cleaned Pop-up considered as harmless my many users, but its activity are suspicious by its nature. It arrives in the form of free software that spread itself with ads. It show its presence through browser redirect. It would appear on each new tab or new Window that were opened for another work. Moreover it get attaches with malicious files and get sticks to your browser. Hence, if you notice any of its signs, you should immediately remove Your Computer Needs to Be Cleaned Pop-up from your system, otherwise you would be in great trouble.