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You have Mac system and suppose you have to take care of all its functions. Undoubtedly, you are liable for taking care of them at your business, thus, you might need a toolkit of applications which will help you in sorting out your troubles when Mac is not working properly or may be suffering from any issue. It might be possible that its hard drive needs rebuilding or recovery, memory needs testing. It might be possible that you want to undelete some files, may need to access deeper system maintenance or simply want to clean out debris from old apps of your mac system. Keeping all the above said points in mind, developers of Mac system has introduced a functionality called Disk Utility which comes with Mac OS itself. You need not to have it externally. Here, have a brief look on free mac disk utility.

Disk Utility is an inbuilt application of Mac OS X which is designed to perform lots of useful disk related actions. This free mac disk utility is quite useful when it comes to perform any disk related operations such as partitions, manage partitions, formatting, resize partitions, create, delete partitions and so on. Every Mac OS X has built-in partition manager as well as disk management tool. Disk Utility is even accessible from Recovery mode so that you can perform partition without even having the need to special bootable tool. You can take little more help on this Mac Forum. However, free mac disk utility is used by experienced users most frequently when they are in need but those are new to mac OS may not be able to handle this utility tool. So mac users do not need to hunt down for other partition managers or even disk management boot disks. The free mac disk utility is able to verify the disk problems and fix them effectively. For instance, multiple applications may quit unexpectedly, file corruption, improper working of external device, computer will not start up and so on. Free partition software mac can be helpful in a way for mac partitions.

Tasks Performed By Disk Utility Of Mac

Free mac disk utility can perform following listed tasks :

  • Disk formatting, partitioning and erasing
  • Creating, repairing and destroying RAID sets
  • Mounting, unmounting, and ejecting disks (which including both hard disks, removable media and disk images)
  • Enabling or disabling journaling
  • Verifying and repairing permissions of disk
  • Verifying disk’s integrity and repairing it if the disk is damaged
  • Restoring volumes from scanned for ASR images
  • Erasing CD-RWs and DVD-RWs
  • Secure deletion of free space or disk using a 35-pass Gutmann algorithm
  • Checking the S.M.A.R.T status of a hard disk
  • Burning disk images to CD or DVD in HFS+ format

Limitations of Disk Utility Of Mac OS X

Despite of the fact that free mac disk utility is a complete package for partition and disk management toolkit, it has few limitations which makes it insufficient for use at some point. One of the limitation of free mac disk utility is that while using disk utility you cannot extend a partition if there is no free space available. It means that you can decrease the size of any volume but cannot increase the size of the volume if there is no free space available on the disk between the volumes you wish to expand and the next partition on the drive. Furthermore, Master Boot Record partition cannot be resized by free mac disk utility. So in such situations, if you ever bump into it you can go for using professional utilities for resizing partitions. Also, if you are new to Mac system then you might find it difficult to use free mac disk utility or it might be possible that free mac disk utility won’t work properly or may have some issue with it. Then you are not able to use it and likely to take help of other utilities. For More info, visit –

How To Use Disk Utility On Mac OS X?

When you want to use free mac disk utility, you need to follow the steps given below.

  • Click on Finder icon from the dock.
  • Locate and click to open Applications present in the left pane of the Finder window. It is typically present above the users home folder icon.
  • Scroll down the Applications window to locate Utilities, then click to open it.
  • Now, find and click to open Disk Utilities.

Using Spotlight –

  • Click on the spotlight icon from the menu bar.

  • Type in disk utility in the search box.

  • Double click on the Disk Utility – Utilities option.

Note : Spotlight is a convenient tool which can quickly locate and access data and programs on macOS.

However, if you are not satisfied with the steps given above for finding disk utility on mac system or having any type of issue or problem in handling free mac disk utility or disk utility is not working then you can opt for third party softwares in order to perform disk related operations.

Stellar Partition Manager 4.5/5


Using Top Paid Disk Utility Softwares

Stellar Partition Manager

Stellar Partition Manager is a utility tool which is capable of performing all the partition or disk related operations. Stellar Partition Manager is one of the best software which is used worldwide and many users prefer this software as this software guarantees safe and secure disk management operations. One of its amazing feature is that it enables you to roll back before committing the action.

Salient Features of Stellar Partition Manager

  • A complete partition manager utility
  • Easily create, deletes and resize partitions on Mac drive
  • Resizes, formats or deletes existing partitions
  • Resizes boot camp partitions and NTFS partitions with ease
  • Performs batch operations preventing risk of data loss

System Requirements

 Processor  Intel
 Memory   1 GB Minimum
 Operating System  macOS Sierra 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7 & 10.6
 Hard Disk    50 MB of Free Space

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

1. What could be possible cause for problem arising while resizing Stellar Partition Manager?
Ans. Actually, there can be some bad sectors in the partitions that you are trying to resize. So in that case, resizing operation may fail. However, another possible reason can be partition has some errors in the file system.

2. Does older version of Stellar Partition Manager support resizing Boot Camp partition?
Ans. Since Boot Camp resizing is the new feature of Stellar Partition Manager and is introduced in version 3.0 so versions lower than this will not support Boot Camp resizing. You need to register to latest version of Stellar.

Disk Drill

Disk Drill is another disk utility for mac OS designed to perform disk related operations such as create, resize, manage and delete partitions and many other tasks. It automates the monitoring for you and gives you total control over mac’s hard drive. In case, if you are unable to see your volumes in Finder and newly created partitions appear to be empty, this application will help you in recovering partitions on Mac. So if you are looking for some reliable software then you can use this software.

Salient Features of Disk Drill

  • Smart and outstanding capabilities to keep your partition safe
  • Facilitates smart monitoring on your hard drive health
  • Advanced and latest scanning algorithm
  • Provide pass or fail status of the drive
  • Provides preview of recoverable files
  • Enables Recovery vault to protect your drives

System Requirements

 Processor  Intel, 64-bit processor
 Memory   1 GB
 Operating System   Mac OS X 10.8.5 and above
 Hard Disk     22MB free space

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why is Disk Drill asking to make changes to my Mac?
Ans. Similar to other programs, disk drill also requires administrator password to work. It needs complete access to scan every bit of data on the drive. And you need to give permission only once.

2. Why do softwares not recommend scanning a system partition?
Ans. Unlikely there is no one particular system file that you need to recover. Most of the system files can be recovered by installing system software.


KDE Partition Manager

KDE Partition Manager, a disk related program which helps in managing the disk devices, partitions and file systems on your Mac computer. This software is basically designed to perform disk or partition related operations. It allows you to create, resize, copy, move, delete, resize without losing data and back-up. It helps you to manage disk devices, partitions. This utility tool helps you to manage disk devices, partitions and even file systems on your Mac computer. KDE supports a large number of file systems which enables easy maintenance of the file system irrespective of the file system you have on your Mac OS. To get its job done, it simply makes use of external programs thus you may need to install additional software. With the help of this software, you can easily perform disk utility related operations with ease and you need not to worry about any external instructions. Software is well equipped and have good instruction manual.

Salient Features of KDE Partition Manager

  • Easily manages disk devices, partitions and file systems on your computer
  • Allow you to create, copy, resize, move, delete without losing data
  • Does not lose backup and restore partitions
  • Make use of already available external programs to finish its job
  • Simple and user friendly interface which makes it easy to understand

System Requirements

 Processor  Intel, 64-bit processor
 Memory   Atleast 1 GB
 Hard Disk     250 MB free space

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is KDE Partition Manager dangerous for my data and how?
Ans. The very first thing you should keep in your mind is that never perform any destructive operations without making a complete backup of data. Having said earlier, KDE is safe to use. It has been tested and performs extensive checks before and after every operation.

2. Why is there no support for CD writing or DVD burning?
Ans. KDE Partition Manager is an application designed which deals with partitions and file systems on these partitions. So it is not designed for floppy disks, CD, DVDs since they do not use partitions.



iPartition is another utility program for Mac OS which resolves disk related operations and other problems. It is an essential Mac utility program designed from ground up with a completely different approach so as to prevent and resolve disk or partition damage which leads to instability of mac system. Everything that has just disappeared from the partitions on your mac which includes images, audio, video, documents, files, folders, etc then this software will find it in case disaster strikes and things go missing. In fact, it is not a program that merely solves and repairs all partition related possible problems, but it aims to manage partitions as well.

Salient Features of iPartition

  • Resize Mac OS extended partitions keeping content intact
  • Easy to use interface and in-built intelligence
  • Reorganize disk to make contiguous space
  • Provides complete flexibility and allow to edit flags in the partition table
  • Supports non-destructive resize of NTFS, FAT, HFS and HFS+
  • Resizing of partitions is very simple with iPartition

System Requirements

 Processor  Intel, 64-bit processor
 Operating System     macOS 10.12 or later
 Memory    1 GB
 Hard Disk     256 MB minimum

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

1. Can iPartition convert partition tables keeping all my data intact?
Ans. Actually, this is not an easy job. Converting tables is not same as reformatting. However, the way it is stated, one can gather that are they are changing the format also.

2. Is it possible to create 2 partitions on the drive and still keep my data?
Ans. Indeed, you can create additional partitions with iPartition without loss of data but it will require resizing and the moving of original partition boundary.


Free Disk Utility Software

[email protected] Partition Manager

[email protected] Partition Manager is an application which helps you efficiently manage storage device and the partitions on Mac. It allows you to create, delete, format and name partitions as per your need. This disk partitioning tool supports all the partition related management features. With the help of this software, resizing mac partition is very simple. Not only resizing, in fact, you can perform each and every partition related operations easily and hassle-free. Further, this program comes with simple interface and host all functions in a single window which enables ease of users.

Salient Features of [email protected] Partition Manager

  • Supports partitions related operations like resize, create, delete, merge and many other
  • Allows you to restore some changes via backups
  • Enables preview of disk structure of raw disk images
  • Ability to expand existing partition to utilize maximum space available
  • Shrink existing partition preserving existing data

System Requirement

 Operating System   macOS Sierra 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7 & 10.6
 Memory   1 GB minimum
 Hard Disk    500 MB free space

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How many operations can I add to the list of pending operations?
Ans. There is no limit on the number of operations. However, it is recommended that do not add too many operations in the list as there is always a small chance for an operation to fail with an error.

2. Is it possible to merge partition using [email protected] Partition Manager?
Ans. No, it is not possible to merge partitions using this software.


In a nutshell, it is said that…

Being an in-built or free mac disk utility, this tool sometimes fail to sort out partition related issues. There are few reasons behind its failure. When you are new to Mac system or may be have little knowledge regarding Mac features then you might not be able to use disk utility of Mac. Whatsoever may be the reason, if you are unable to access disk utility tool, you need to take help of third party softwares. Hence, few of them are mentioned above for your assistance but among them, only one is effective. Stellar is one such name which is best and effective as well. This software is recommended by experts and professionals.

Features of Stellar Partition Manager

  • Able to easily create new partition
  • Also performs other partition related operations such as deletion, resize, create,
  • format and modify
  • Allows you to create Bootable media to perform partitioning operations
  • Facilitates roll back feature

How To Install Stellar Partition Manager?

  • First, unpack file.
  • Decompress zip file and double click on .dmg file.
  • Now, double-click on StellarPartitionManager volume to open StellarPartitionManager application window.
  • Drag and drop Stellar Partition Manager file to the Applications folder.
  • Double click on StellarPartitionManager file in Applications folder to launch the software.
  • Accept the License Agreement to launch the software otherwise it quits.

How To Use Stellar Partition Manager?

1. Select a drive and then enter the name and size of volume to add new partition.

2. Select a drive and click on Delete option to delete partition. Now click Start to run the task.

3. Select the drive and click on Format to format the partition.

4. You can also add various partitioning task on select drive and click Start to run.

5. Use you mouse on the partition Edge to trim or expand the partition.

6. Select a start-up drive and click continue to proceed.

7. A dialog box will appear asking you to choose location. Click on Create Image to continue.

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