Internet Explorer – More Securing Browser


We all know that the latest version of Internet Explorer is more faster, secure and had better web standards support as compared to older versions of Internet Explorer browser. For Windows 8.1 users it had been traced that upgrading of Internet Explorer had some unique benefits that will help its user in keeping this browser up to date. Its so, because two third of all PC users are still using older, less secured browsers despite security advancements and updates. We are continuously investing not only in making a secure browser, but also in helping customers to get stay and connected with its latest versions. Here mentioning few points that would be considered for securing your browsers.

New and Improved Security:-

Every Version of Internet Explorer includes new and improved security protection, that keep building on improvements from the previous versions.

Below mentioning some of the security features that were added by each major versions of Internet Explorer since 2001.


These security features and improvements are augmented with updates such that to make socially engineered attacks and browser exploits more difficult on modern versions of Internet Explorer. Hence, according to NSS Labs report, malicious download rates get increased from 69% on IE 8 in 2009 to over 99% on IE 11. This month security updates makes Internet Explorer more secure against exploits, but its necessary to update your installed browser up to date. So, the fully patched version of Internet Explorer is more secure than its older versions.

Having Threat From Older Browsers:-

According to, it had been found that two-thirds of desktop browsers that had been used today are outdated. Its older versions create problem not only for website developers using modern Web Standards, but also presents a significant challenge in keeping the web surroundings safe and secure. Hence, older versions and operating system are are likely to be susceptible to attack than modern or up-to-date systems.


How to keep update of your browsers:-

Its recommend by the Microsoft to enable automatic updates to ensure your computing experience will be always up-to-date. Hence, regular updates provide more benefits, such as improved security and reliability , and thus, Windows Update can automatically install the updates for Internet Explorer and Windows, thus, to turn on and select Windows Update, installing updates automatically is recommended.

Improving browser security and helping customers for keep staying:-

Microsoft will continue to make significant investments in improving browser security and thus it focus on helping its commercial customers and stay up to date with Internet Explorer Latest versions. Thus, if you are using older browsers, just upgrade to the latest versions and enable automatic updates for more securing browser. But if you are using an older versions of Internet Explorer at work, then just encourage your IT department to learn more about Enterprise Mode For Internet Explorer11. So, in the upcoming months, just stay connected for additional consumer focused content and communications, updated resources and training and other announcements.

Hence, mot common things you can do to secure your Inter Explorer Browser are as follows:-

Its well known that Internet explorer is a popular browser and protects against attacks and malware and it depends on whether you have updated it or not, or whether you have the right security settings. Here mentioning, some of the ways that you can do to make your Internet Explorer more secure.

Upgrade to latest versions of Internet Explorer

After moving to newer version, you have some advanced features and interface, new security features are also get added. So, its better to always update your browser with its latest versions.

Thus, to determine whether the latest versions get installed or not, just open Internet Explorer and then press alt key, open Help Menu and then select About Internet Explorer.

Download IE updates:-

It doesn’t matter which versions of IE you are sing , you should have all latest IE updates installed. These updates typically patch known security holes and vulnerabilities.3_updates

Check for add-on Updates:-

most of the browser attacks exploit security vulnerabilities that will affect your popular add-ons such as Adobe Flash Player, so that you should install updates for those as soon as you get the update message. You should also consider scan with free tools to make double check that you haven’t missed any updates.

Verifying or adjusting security levels:-

Whenever you visit any websites, IE automatically identifies as Internet Zone. You can set each zone to a predefined security levels and customize the settings as well. Though IE sets each zone to an acceptable level by default, you may double check your settings for each zone and even turn on the for further protection.

Did we mention that you should update?

But the most common steps in keeping your browser more secure browser is to update it on regular basis. Once you made a habit, you can find that IE has solid security features and privacy protections. Hence, the better you learn the security functions, the better you can adjust them to your own browsing habits.