List of Browsers Errors Found While Loading WebPag


If you are a regular Internet User, then you should know that what error messages does these browsers brings to its user. But as a matter of fact, there are different errors that are found, basically not related to your PC. Hence, here mentioning a brief guide that will help you in understanding different errors that comes on your browser, and what they exactly mean.

Most common errors that were found on browsers are:-

Certificate errors-
Connection errors-
4XX or Client Response Code Messages-
404 Not Found error-
Server Not Found Error-
Lastly, Phishing And Malware Warnings-

Certificate Errors:-


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This is known as first and foremost common browser error that represents as SSL certificate error or security certificate error that indicates the problem related with HTTPS encryption. It generally occurs when connecting to a website using HTTPS.

Hence, while using HTTP encryption, websites generally present certificates to identify that they are legal one. For example, take, it possess a security certificate as issued by trusted certificate authority. This verifies that Google is the real owner of and it possess its certificate. However, when you connect using your HTTPS, then it would presents the certificate. After that your browser checks whether the certificate issued by a real legal certificate authority to know whether you are connecting to real or not, or you are connecting to another server that pretends as

However, its fact that when you encounter an error, you are not getting connected to the real one that would presents as legitimate website. If you wants to access bank’s website using public Wi-Fi network, and see the error. Its possible that your network get compromised and someone is attempting to impersonate your bank’s website. It may also possible that a particular website failed to configure its certificate. Thus, in this situation, you should not continue whenever you came across this error.

Connection Errors-


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This Connection Errors are fruitful result of failure of your browser while establishing a secure connection with web server. These errors generally generated in N?A format and contains a brief description of reason behind this connection failure. Here, in this case web servers return their responses only after a secure connection. If this connection doesn’t get established, its impossible to obtain error code that generates while encountering this error.

User usually encounter “Unable to Connect” error in various browser as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, that could not connect to your website. This message basically looks like “Server Not Found” message, it means something going different into your website. Hence, if you encounter this message, your browser has successfully contacted its DNS servers as well as identified that some website is at target location. Thats why your browser didn’t receive any response from the website’s server from where it wants to connect.

4XX or Client Response Code Messages-

Hence whenever your browser establishes a connection with web server, a response code is generated and sent by the server. If the value of this response code is less than the 400 than the web page when the user trying to visit this web page is not considered as an error. Hence, it concludes that the web page is considered as an error if the value of the Client Response Code Message is equal to or greater than 400.

404 Not Found Error-


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You have already seen a variety of server messages while accessing any web page. But the most common one is “404 Not Found” error. It means that the page you are trying to access doesn’t exist. It directly means that webpage was either removed or you have typed wrong web address.

These error messages are basically generated by the remote server and immediately sent to your browser. If you see these error message, you should immediately double check your web page address that you have typed before. If you checked, you have found that the respective link was in error or the web page that it points to have been already removed.

Server Not Found Error-


This “Server Not Found” error message usually appears when your browser did not found the message that indicates that the webpage you are trying to access is not found. It may be due to mistypes website address, or you are trying to access a website that doesn’t exist. Hence, it may be possible that your DNS Server is getting down, or your firewall,proxy , or other settings that are mis-configured.

Phishing And Malware Warnings:-


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These phishing and Malware Warnings are basically displayed by a browser whenever the user tries to visit any reported dangerous website that have malicious content with it. Hence, whenever you encountered this error, you should know that you have visited malicious website.

These phishing and malware warnings always appear on your favorite browser whenever you encountered dangerous website, as these sites contain malware because they try to impersonate a real website to steal all your passwords and other sensitive information. But in some cases, website may temporarily get added to the list because it was getting compromised. When the website is getting fixed, it should be removed immediately from the list. If you encounter any warning message, you should not continue.


These are most common errors that appear on different types of browser. It get inside without your permission and create more trouble while accessing your website. Hence, better understanding of these error is more important to keep your browser safe and secure from these suspicious errors so that you can enjoy your browsing.