Outlook PST File Get Corrupted Due to Harmful Browser Infections

Recently, my Outlook PST file get corrupted due to harmful browser infections while surfing on web. My PST file immediately get damaged and I have left with no solution to get recovery of these PST Files. Hence, could anybody help me in recovering these issues, so that I could get my PST files back.


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Basically, an Outlook application allow it user to maintain and manage your features with other features like journals, appointments, schedulers and much more. Hence, all these data items have separate directory that is known as Personal Storage file, commonly known as PST file. These files are basically used to store large information by users of small organizations. Sometimes these files get corrupted due to various situations such as :-

  • An Outlook PST File get corrupted due to harmful virus infected storage devices, that arises while trying to compress large size PST Files, or having conflict due to installation of two antivirus software in same Windows System.

  • It also get damage due to if you close your Outlook in improper manner.

corrupted PST File

  • It get corrupted due to accessing the file that exceeds its limit size.

  • There may be high possibility of corruption when user upgrade present Outlook version to their latest version of Outlook.

  • Installation of software that were incompatible with your Windows OS will lead to damage of PST files.

Hence, due to these reasons PST File get corrupted. If your PST file get harmed due to any of these reasons, you should download Outlook PST Repair Tool that is freely available on web.


Outlook PST Repair Tool is basically a repair application that is used for helping its user in repairing their damaged or corrupted PST Files, within few minutes. This software popularity increase day by day due to its smart features that includes improved quality of work and user-friendly nature. This piece of software can be accessed by both technical and non-technical users. It possess strong ability to scan, identify and even fix your damaged Outlook PST File which includes emails, remainders, contacts list etc. It could repair your all Microsoft Outlook 2000, Microsoft Outlook 2003 and other versions that were supported by other versions of Windows OS.

Know More :-https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Repair-Outlook-Data-Files-pst-and-ost-25663bc3-11ec-4412-86c4-60458afc5253

Steps To Use this Outlook PST Repair Tool are as follows:-

User can easily download Outlook PST Repair Tool and launch its program by just following these steps. Bus using “Open PST file”, user can easily mend PST files whose location are already known to its user. Hence, with the help of “Find PST file”, you ca easily fix your Damaged PST file whose location is unknown to its user. Once you browse your PST file that you wants to repair, just “Click on Repair”, and start its process. Then finally choose your destination location where you want to save your corrupted or repaired PST file.

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