Microsoft Found New Vulnerability As MS15-093 In Internet Explorer


Recently, Microsoft addressed a new 0-day vulnerability In Internet Explorer that is known as MS15-093 in his out of band patch. Its widely anticipated out of band patch that had been used for Internet Explorer. It basically covers all supported versions as (Internet Explorer 7, 8, 10 or 11) and on every supported platforms. This vulnerability would allow an attacker to run arbitrary code on user’s system if the user had visited any malicious web site. A list of unwanted site may be compromised site, spear phishing website, or any other dubious site ads can be used to deliver exploits that is used for delivering exploits that were used for targeting this vulnerability to the innocent user. This harmful threat had been already used for targeting hole attacks on user PC.

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Outlook PST File Get Corrupted Due to Harmful Browser Infections

Recently, my Outlook PST file get corrupted due to harmful browser infections while surfing on web. My PST file immediately get damaged and I have left with no solution to get recovery of these PST Files. Hence, could anybody help me in recovering these issues, so that I could get my PST files back.


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Basically, an Outlook application allow it user to maintain and manage your features with other features like journals, appointments, schedulers and much more. Hence, all these data items have separate directory that is known as Personal Storage file, commonly known as PST file. These files are basically used to store large information by users of small organizations. Sometimes these files get corrupted due to various situations such as :-

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Most Securing Browser of 2015 With their Vulnerabilities

History of Web Browsers:-


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All we know that Internet would cannot exist without any web browsers. Hence, the first very browser was invented in 1990 by Tim Berners-Lee. As we know that Sir Berners Lee, is known as world best Computer scientist that invented WWW. Before this creation, he made a proposal for Information Management System. Its done when he administered the first successful connection between HTTP client and a server. Hence, its called WorldWideWeb, but it get changed with Nexus in 1994. But its pointed by Digital Archeology is that when its first website is open, this page get displayed separately from browsers. Accordingly, when a first web page get created, a new browser has to be created as well. Most important point about Nexus is that its browser editor.

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Troubleshoot Mozilla Firefox Issue Caused By Fake Software Program

Few days ago, when I boot my system, I found that my browser Mozilla Firefox is not responding in right manner, as it get attacked by A-Secure 2015. It started displaying automatic fake scanning results, weakens my system security, and even hijack my popular browser. It invade directly into my browser and creates more trouble. I don’t know what was happening to my Mozilla Firefox. It started showing its alerts on my every web page I visit. It keeps displaying its annoying ads and pop-ups. It completely compromised my favorite browser Mozilla Firefox. It pretends as a legitimate applications that would help me in increasing my system performance, but it don’t do what its claims. It is basically promoted on my Mozilla Firefox from dubious website that have suspicious script. I am getting confused. Then, i ask my friend regarding this suspicious threat. He provide me some preventive tips, so that it never sneaks into your system in near future. But before seeing its preventive methods, you should refer these variety alerts that may appear in different forms:-

Alerts are as follow:-


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Striking Security Features and Risks Involved in Google Chrome

Today Google Chrome browsers has become a very important piece of software in our day to day life. It refers to an application that finds and displays the web pages. On our mobile, or on our PC everywhere we are using this browser. When you access any website, the request goes to the server and then the server provides the content of the requested page. The browser then proceed its process by sending the content to the server. It can be written in any language whether its is JavaScript, HTML etc.

Basically Google Chrome has evolved over time and get attacked through many ways. User can be attacked through a malicious plugin or through email clients.

Hence, we will look some features Of Google Chrome and its associated risks:-


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New Vulnerability Found In Internet Explorer 

According to malware expert, it had reported that is found as serious vulnerability in Internet Explorer. It is reported as a browser hijacker that brings lots of harm to user popular browser as Internet Explorer. According to its name, it is known to be a legitimate application that will get into your system and providing direct access to popular online stores. But what is represents itself its not in reality. It is deemed as potentially unwanted browser hijacker program that will keep hijacking your Internet Explorer and other browsers. It will invade silently into your browser and records all your browser data, even modifies your Internet Explorer settings, and keep generating intrusive online advertisements.

Working Details And AfterMath Of on Internet Explorer


Know More:-

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How to Troubleshoot the Error Code “SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER” on secure websites as Mozilla Firefox

The Websites which appears on Mozilla Firefox that supposed to be secure, must satisfy that the certificates presented by this website is valid. If the provided certificate is not validated, Firefox will represents some error messages that displayed as “Your Connection is not secure”. You might see some error code as “SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER” on your websites. Hence, you should solve this problem as soon as possible.

What do you mean by this Error Code?

During a secure connection, a website always need to provide a certificate issued by a trusted “Certificate Authority”, in order to ensure that user is getting connected to the prescribed target and the connection is encrypted. If you see “Your Connection is not secure” error page and get the error code “SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER”, after you click on “Advanced”, then it means that the certificate that were issued by a certificate authority, is not known by Mozilla Firefox, hence cannot be trusted by default by its user.

Your Connection is not secure

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My Chrome Get Infected By labeled _HELP_instructions. How should I Fix this Problem?

Recently, my browser Google Chrome get infected by labeled _HELP_instructions. I didn’t get any solution to fix this problem. It sticks for long time on my Google Chrome and keeps demanding some money. It encrypts my personal files and makes these data unusable. Its developers demands that you should pay using online payment scheme. It didn’t allowed me to surf safely on my browser. It keep showing its threatening message on my browser Google Chrome. Consequently, it leaves a file on my browser that contains some payment instructions. I was getting frustrated when I seen its harmful effects on my browser. How should I solve these issues? Please Help!!


labeled _HELP_instructions is famous ransomware infection that will invade silently into your browser. It would not consider as safe for your system, as it encrypts all your system files and put your browser as well as system at high risk. It is regarded as one of extremely harmful ransomware infection that had been developed by cyber criminals to swindle all your money. Once launched into your browser, you will have so many problems into your browser. First of all it will alter your browsers settings, DNS Configurations,  as well as system settings, and more similar one, even without your permission, and your system will be put in critical situation.

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Internet Explorer – More Securing Browser


We all know that the latest version of Internet Explorer is more faster, secure and had better web standards support as compared to older versions of Internet Explorer browser. For Windows 8.1 users it had been traced that upgrading of Internet Explorer had some unique benefits that will help its user in keeping this browser up to date. Its so, because two third of all PC users are still using older, less secured browsers despite security advancements and updates. We are continuously investing not only in making a secure browser, but also in helping customers to get stay and connected with its latest versions. Here mentioning few points that would be considered for securing your browsers.

New and Improved Security:-

Every Version of Internet Explorer includes new and improved security protection, that keep building on improvements from the previous versions.

Below mentioning some of the security features that were added by each major versions of Internet Explorer since 2001.


These security features and improvements are augmented with updates such that to make socially engineered attacks and browser exploits more difficult on modern versions of Internet Explorer. Hence, according to NSS Labs report, malicious download rates get increased from 69% on IE 8 in 2009 to over 99% on IE 11. This month security updates makes Internet Explorer more secure against exploits, but its necessary to update your installed browser up to date. So, the fully patched version of Internet Explorer is more secure than its older versions. Continue reading Internet Explorer – More Securing Browser

How To Fix Internet Explorer Compatibility Issues

Compatibility Issues with Internet Explorer are as follow:-


If you are using Internet Explorer with the compatibility mode turned on, then you have trouble in editing your profile or looking through messages in your Inbox.

Compatibility Mode is a feature in Internet Explorer that will help its user in viewing web pages that were designed for older versions of browser. When it get active, it forces IE to display the webpage in Quirks mode. When this compatibility mode is inactive, IE is said to be running in native mode.

Basically A compatibility Mode is a software mechanism in which a computer system emulates an older processor, operating system, and other hardware platform in order to allow obsolete software to remain compatible with computer newer hardware or software.

Examples basically includes Classic Mode in Mac OS and other versions of Windows OS.

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Fix Browser Issues In Few Clicks