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Is MOV Recovery Possible : Proper Solution To Deleted/Lost MOV Files Recovery

Summary : The blog illustrates positive response to the query – ‘Is MOV Recovery Possible’. It do includes the most efficient ways of retrieving missing or deleted MOV files. So, kindly go through it carefully in a case of being one of the unfortunate victim of such MOV file corruption scenario.

About MOV Files

MOV is an universal video file format introduced by Apple Inc. Technologists have referred this particular file format as one of the most efficient brand to save movies and further video files for Quick Time Player file system. It can easily works with almost all sorts of multimedia file such as animation, video, graphics, 3D videos, virtual reality content, text and many more. Now though all such features of MOV files are highly appreciable but yet among all of them it’s compatibility with both the Mac as well as Windows operating versions is the most remarkable one. Researches proves that MOV file format was initially harmonious with only the Mac OS but then later on with the enhancement in time, it becomes equally compatible with the Windows also (i.e., now the MOV files can get played on Windows OS also via usage of various available third party applications).

Now regardless of the fact that all such efficient features are highly beneficial as well as enhance, MOV files are also prone to damage or corruption i.e., they might also stop and abruptly exit the application. Technologists have notified numerous potent causes liable behind such abrupt corruption of MOV files. Some of them are discussed below :

Scenarios Tending To MOV File Loss and Corruption :

  • Malware attack potently leads to the MOV file deletion and corruption.
  • Accidental or mistaken deletion while previewing saved MOV videos on the camera or system.
  • Forcibly eradication of removable storage device while transferring MOV videos and shutting down camera in the mid of the procedure might leads to the loss or corruption of MOV files.
  • System storage or memory card corruption because of improper handling and unneeded downloading junk or spam files results in the MOV or several other files corruption stored in them or system drive crash.
  • Abrupt power loss might be the vital reason behind MOV file loss and inaccessibility.
  • Conversion of MOV file format to several other file format in order to make them playable on other media players often results in MOV files corruption.

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