Why Should User Need To Update Any Browser

We all know that our web browsers are best tool through which we can view our websites on the Internet. If you wants to see any web page, there are number of browsers are available in the websites, as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox. Hence, you are strongly advised to use most of the updated browser versions so that you get the best and most securing browsing experience.


From the above chart, it is clearly seen that, Google Chrome is running very vastly. It means it is regarded as a leading browser, whereas, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox is less comparative than Google Chrome. Other’s browser such as Safari, Apple’s Browsers is growing in popularity with the increase of iPhone users, whether this browser is installed on their device or not.

Hence, most of the common browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari automatically get updated themselves. Previous days, users need to download new version of their popular browsers, that will result in different versions being in use. But now, Microsoft have changed their approach and Internet Explorer start begun its updating process by itself.

Declining in Internet Explorer Usage:-

We have seen that, Internet explorer is regarded as widely used browser, as it is already built in Windows Operating system, But in some recent years we have seen that, there is declining in its usage, people are going to use other browser rather than this browser, mainly to Google Chrome.

Hence, its strongly recommended to always update your browsers version.

Need To Update Browser Versions:-

Here mentioning major points that we have to keep in mind while updating any browser:-


Securities vulnerabilities:-

Its very important to keep your browsers secure from harmful threats, such as malware, spyware, and other security issues, otherwise, you would be in more vulnerable situation. It specially create trouble for online shopping users who are keeping payment details over the web. It allow some hackers to intercept online transactions and steal your private data, so, you are strongly recommended to update your latest versions, especially for online shopping users.

Performances Issues:-

The browsers that get out of dated, face number of issue updates. At first, you will find that whenever you load image, it will take much time in loading. It will make you frustrating and you will keep facing poor performances. Even worse, older browsers versions would get crashed very soon. When you have newer versions, its more fast and stable as compared to older one. Hence, you are advised to always opt for newer versions.

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Compatibility And Display Problems:-

Every websites should be displayed consistently on any browsers, whatever browser user use, it doesn’t matter. So, newer versions of software will help any websites to recover from displaying problem. It had also being seen that, some features may not get compatible with any of browsers, in this case, its designers have to create new version of the site. This will be helpful for users who are using newer versions. Hence, most of the designers have strict guidelines on which browser versions they have to support. It means, the continuous use of older one will encounter major display issues and compatibility issues that have been optimized by its user. So, you are advised to use newer version of your browsers.

Less choice of plug-ins and add-ons:-

As we know that, Add-ons and plug-ins add special features to any browsers. They enhance and improve user browsing experience and provided some extra features to your web browsers. There are large number of add-ons and plug-ins are available for major browsers, even for Internet Explorer too. These add-ons basically created by third-party, with new one s being added automatically in your browser. Its disadvantage of older versions is that some add-ons may not work with older versions. So, if you desires to have best add-ons, you have to update your browsers.


Responsive Design Issues:-

For any websites, device optimization is very essentials. The process of responsive design that involves using CSS media queries, that are totally unsupported by versions of IE.

Most of the web designers make use of responsive front end framework, when creating friendly sites. These framework will not cover your older versions, that would cause headache when sites get tested using these older versions. As most of the time get spent in fixing these bugs that is associated with older versions. Hence, its quiet clear that if you are using older versions, you will find responsive websites don’t act or display correctly. So, you are recommended to use newer versions.

What happened if you don’t update your browsers?

Its obvious that, if you don’t update your browser its not the end. You can continuously, view your web as you do now. But you will missing something, as the reasons that I mentioned above. So, you have to update your browsers, as its free and it will take less very less time. Getting new features with newer versions is relatively painless, as within few time you will update your browsers, and hence you get more faster, secure as well as It will change your whole life and provide better online experience.