Windows 10 forces Updates KB3135173 To Alter Browser And Other Defaults

Microsoft Windows 10

If its user have Chrome as the default web browser on your Windows 10 system, then its better to check to make sure that Microsoft didn’t hijack your browser and set Edge as your new default browser. The same thing will go for PDF Viewer. After that a forced cumulative update also reset your PDF viewer to Edge on most of the computer system.

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Do you have Irfan View, Photoshop Express or any other elements? As the default photo app may have been reset to different one as Windows photos app. Hence, Microsoft have reset to Microsoft Party apps, as cumulative update KB3135173.

It had been reported by the Microsoft Windows 10 with the identifier KB3135173 that will result in resetting of default applications on system as it get installed on. It had happened according to the first release of Windows Operating system. Basically these changes does not affect all users of Windows 10 that installed the update at that time, rather those who were reported that, the default apps for web browsing, pdf viewing as well as photo viewing were reset, and that programs were get removed from the system as well.

Overview Of KB3135173:-

KB3135173 is used as cumulative update that is used for Windows 10 as released by Microsoft. It fixes vulnerabilities that were reported in the security bulletins MS16-022, MS16-016 and MS16-009.

Most of the users noticed that something went wrong after this patches get installed and computer system reboot for first time. The Action Center suddenly started display one or multiple notifications on the screen that the app defaults were reset listing the file type that was reset, and the default system application that it was mapped to, as-

An app default was reset. An app caused a big problem with your default setting for .avi files. That’s why it was reset to Films & TV.

This basically happens for custom file that were associates of files such as .pdf, .avi, .mp4, and each time this file type was reset to one of the default application as Windows 10 ships with.

Even more worse, its seems possible to associate all different apps or programs with the reset file types, as Windows 10 would reset those associations, as a moment later it would be impossible to use custom file on your infected system.

Whats the solution regarding this update?


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Therefor, what would be the solution for the users who are getting affected by this issue? Even removing it will make it prone to more vulnerable attacks that target those vulnerabilities.

Ramesh Srinivasan at The Winhelponline blog had put together a lengthy registry fix that would seems to increase the complexity of this problem. As it was not tested, because it didn’t get affected by this issue.

Others have also found by uninstalling KB3135173 and blocking it from running again using the Wushowside utility that were found in KB3073930 issue.

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Hence, how many times does this malware would be happen before Microsoft separates the security patches and non-security patches, and provide us different tools to block or delay these patches? As long as Microsoft’s patching bugs are relatively minor, there’s little incentive to give us that respective tools we need. Hence, the days are getting really bad, and there will be tar and feathers.

Changing File associations on Windows 10


Basically Windows 10 offers various options to choose your default applications for different file types. But at first, you have to consider it from the starting point that is operating system’s Settings application.

Step 1:- At first, click on Windows 10 to open the Setting application.
Step 2:-Then go to System → default apps.

Here, you will find some apps or programs that were associated with you popular application as email, music player etc. You can also associate programs with those types, but you can use these options for better controls.

  • Choose your default apps by file type that displays all known file types and the applications that they get associated with.
  • Choose default apps by protocol that displays protocols, such as HTTP and other application or programs that they are associated with.
  • Just set your default app and then open classic “set default programs” in the Control Panel. Then select a program from the list, and then associate all file types and protocols that it get supports.



Hence, the resetting of custom file and protocol association would never happen as its own that Microsoft needs to adjust the parameter that are responsible for the resetting to make sure that it won’t happen in near by future. Nowadays, its wise to check whether the default applications, and its file associations and even installed programs after updates regularly to make sure that no one would get affected by it. Moreover, Windows 10 users may also create system backups, or System Restore points, before running updates that were put by Microsoft for operating system.